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Resources for Gay Mormons

...and for anyone else interested in the topic of Gays and the LDS Church

[Are you homosexual, and an active member of the LDS Church? I would like to hear about your experience. I'm also interested in discovering additional resources to add to this page. Please email me:]




Special thanks to thatmormonboy for passing along many of the resources listed above.

A Note About Criticisms

Please note that Youtube video publishers have the option to allow public commentary on their videos. I found that some of the public comments contain factual inaccuracies, such as "35% of Mormon men commit suicide." While that statistic is obviously false, you may come across information or other statistics that interest you.

If you'd like to conduct deeper research on information you've found about the LDS church and gays, I recommend going to as many objective sources as possible, in or outside of the LDS church. Feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions (contact information below).

Unfortunately fake statistics are sometimes put into circulation by some critics of the LDS church, though this is not true of all critics.