Rookie Mormon

Sharing the gospel online: Digital missionaries

I really enjoyed this brief podcast interview with LDS teenagers who are sharing their beliefs online as "digital missionaries." And that's actually the title of the responsibility they were given by their local congregation. Their blog is called Small & Simple Truths.

In my experience, sharing and writing about what you believe is really rewarding. Here on my own website, lots of visitors are curious about specific aspects of the Mormon church, but they stick around to read a variety of topics. People ask me where I get all the answers I write here, as if there is some master reference. There's not, really. There are always a variety of sources, and I reference them where possible--for example, scriptures, church websites, etc. But writing about religious topics with a combination of passion and empathy is a long-term mission for me, and I look at it like any other skill: It takes time to develop.

Big props to these teens for embracing their mission and learning how they can use their gifts to make the world a more loving and understanding place.